Sep 21 2020 Eric Roberson


Everybody and they mama complain about the food. This is the main reason people can't stick to their fitness goals because the food they buy is too damn good.😭

I can't lie; I see why it's hard. My partner Jones and I were talking about this over a plate of Cow Tongue Tacos. 

We are rushed to do everything except care for ourselves; this fast-paced living often allows us to choose what's right next to ya. It's probably not the best thing to get that flat tummy you want, is it? I know it ain't 🤣

But anywho, we can't keep using that as an excuse. Exercise gets easy, but it seems like food choices get more demanding and more challenging by the day. Hell, even vegans are having a hard time holding it down. 

With that being said, here are a few tips to get you more prepared and locked in on  food you cook that better aligns with your ideal Look, Feel, and Lifestyle. 

  1. Be honest; if you're not a cook, big fella, don't force it. Invest your money into finding different recipes, YT University, or hire a meal prepper to pick up your slack. 
  2. Download A recipe app! My favorite app is the FitMenCook app; the foods are inexpensive and tasty asf. They are usually quick to make and easy to follow. 
  3. Cook meals for your busiest times of the day. No, you probably won't eat all your meals from home; let us make sure we have something for when we are usually strapped for time. We get vulnerable when we don't have any by us for us. So help yourself.
  4. Get an accountability partner. Having someone going through yeh some struggles with you makes life a little bit easier. Y'all can laugh at each other's pain and cheer each other on, share your wins and losses but, most importantly, be there to support each other. 
  5. Stick to your guns! It's ok to try something new every now and then; it keeps life interesting. But when you want sure success, it's always good to stick with what works for you!! Don't be a yes man to everything; stick with what you know has proven to keep you in tune with your process and on the right track. 

Plug these tips into your daily lives and make your nutrition life 10x better. I've tried these myself and also gotten GREAT results from my team. Check these out here. 🙏🏾

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