The Faboulous 4
Sep 21 2020 Eric Roberson

The Faboulous 4

My name is Eric and I’m the owner of Commando Athletix! I know it’s hard but all you need is a good 35-45 minutes for a bomb ass workout! Finding this seems to be hard for most and that’s why I’m here. We’re about to simplify this process of getting a good workout in in the middle of your hectic schedule by knowing what to work and how to make it work.


Young professionals seem to be at the most stressful and time sensitive part of our lives right now. Most of us are working our way towards something we’ve never had, everything we want, and figuring out what to sacrifice to get there. Aligning your priorities will help develop this blueprint and hopefully, Health and Wellness is in your top 3. If it isn’t, YOU are doing something wrong. It’s time to Get yo time BACK! Freedom do what we want sits at the peak of life, adding fitness allows you to live and not just be alive. Ideal Health will make every other part of your life better. Being leaner, stronger and more confident expands into every crevice of your life.  Just visualize this; crystal clarity, more strength, brighter smiles, sharper focus, and a banging ass body. Sounds good, right? I know. (silent chuckle) This process allows you to see the results of your work almost immediately. Pay attention to your energy shifting higher, your lifts get stronger, movements are smooth like butter and the people around you notice as well.


Knowing the benefits makes it much more important to find the time. Once you start exercising regularly, you will start to feel the need to get your sessions in consistently or you begin to not feel like yourself. Life may seem hectic but 45minutes a session, 3-4 times a week will bring back some structure. Getting in shape is a MAJOR part of your success. Cardio is good for the brain. Have you ever heard of K.I.S.S Keep It Simple Stupid? It doesn’t take much to work up a good sweat, the more effective your routine the better. You don’t even need equipment sometimes; your bodyweight or calisthenics is enough. Having the right routine is like eating your grandma’s cooking; it hits EVERY TIME.


It may seem like a lot to cover but the most important thing is to find the time to get moving in the right direction. We need a routine that is time efficient, effective, and minimal in nature.  


Strength must be built and maintained. 

Mobility, so you can move better, without pain, through full range of motion. 

Cardio gets your heart rate up AND helps you lose fat. Also, it increases your lung capacity and when you breathe better, you think better, you live better.

Engaging core work provides you with stability so you can improve on everything else. 


We have all this information around us; we must break it down and prioritize what’s most important. Nobody wants to be weak so we MUST get strong. Calisthenics and dumbbells are your best friend.  Once you have the general movements down it’s time to add the minimal equipment needed. Your body the best tool ever! A few dumbbells, a jump rope, and some quality resistance bands is all you really need. All of this can be found for cheap on Amazon, Goodwill, or random garage sales. Check OfferUp as well. View them as cheap, durable investments. When you were a kid, you could do flips, were more flexible, and required WAAAAY less time to bounce back after draining your energy. Somewhere along the way we became less fluid, less flexible, and more stagnant. Let’s get back to moving smooth like butter. A full range of motion is important.


That was my intro but now it’s time to move. You are meant to move, it’s in your nature. There are 5 movements to focus on when starting your process:

1 Pushing

2 Pulling

3 Hinging

4 Squeezing

5 Stability


 You can take these anywhere you go ... the park, your gym, or your living room, it doesn’t matter. You have the tools and knowledge to crush it anywhere. You do these unconsciously so applying some outside pressure to your muscles will make your better.  The Fab 5 movements cover the compound movements of exercise. These movements cover the major muscle groups such as shoulders, back, chest, legs and glutes.



The warm up is done to get your blood flowing, your muscles warm, and your heart rate ready for the work you’re about to do. The better the warm up, the better the session. These are the moments where guys want to go 0-100, real quick. You can tap yourself out fast, increase your risk for injury, and not get the most out of your sets and reps. 


1 Start with a set of 500 with your  jump rope. This will take about 6-8 minutes. See how many you can do without stopping first then keep going until your count is 500. The first day you might be able to do 12 without a break, then 20 and so on. Challenge yourself.


2 Next completing a set number of body weight exercises that mimic your strength work like 50 air squats, 50 push-ups, 50 shoulder taps, and 50 jump squats. It can feel like the actual workout and that’s ok, you’re just getting warm and you’ll be ready to ramp Up your intensity in a few short minutes. The engine is ready and fine-tuned to go, now it’s time to get to work. We have about 35 minutes left.



Supersets (a form of strength training where you move quickly from one exercise to another without taking a break for rest in between the two exercises) are useful in any scenario. This technique can make your session more intense, more creative, and a lot less time consuming. There aren’t too many reasons to have a 2hr workout unless you’re in love with it. There’s nothing wrong with some extra work but listen, you just ain’t got the time. To execute this, you’ll do two exercises that work opposing muscle groups or movements right after each other for a set. There is little to no break between each exercise. the set is done once you complete a set number of repetitions or reps of the exercise. 


To start:

15 bent over rows (can be done with barbells as well) superset with 20 push-ups for 3 sets. 15 bent over rows then 20 push-ups then 15 bent over rows…. Until you complete 3 sets of each.

10 squats and 10 reverse lunges, 4 sets each. CHALLENGE: Try your squats with some weight: Machine Gun Squats.

10 lateral raises superset with 15 upright rows for 3 sets. Now you’re saving time and bringing balance to your body by training opposing muscle groups of the back and chest, quads and hamstrings.


Another way to add to a superset is placing cardio based exercises in between each strength exercise. Here’s a bonus: 8 reverse lunges, then 10 jump squats, then 10 overhead presses. Your heart will be beating out your chest, your conditioning will go up, you will be sweaty, and your time will be put to best use. Complete these for 3-4 exercises and BOOM, your session is complete for the day and you have 23 hours and 15 minutes left in your day to get everything else done.Use a combination of these exercises to make your session more efficient. Supersets with a sprinkle of cardio in between each exercise allows you to get more bang for your buck. 


If you have anymore questions, check out my website here, Commando Athletix. You can also follow me on Twitter & Instagram!

Also check out my Youtube page HERE where I have over 200 videos showing you different workouts you can do in and out of the gym! 


Take care of yourself Stackers. Drink more water and get a workout in. Your body and mind deserve it.