What You Learn...
Sep 21 2020 Eric Roberson

What You Learn...

What you learn DURING the process is MORE important that just achieving what you want, especially in the fitness area. 


The ultimate goal is to build sustainable habits that allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A lot of people will go back and forth until they figure out what does and doesn’t work for them. 


Some important habits/characteristics you can build are discipline, self integrity, ambition, balance, commitment, peace and confidence. Plus being strong as a MF!


Most people will relapse for a few reasons; they don’t handle life well, they don’t appreciate the process of what gets them to the point, they aimlessly go through the motions. This will set you up for failure every time. 


Actually caring about what you do and sticking with it will take you far, you already know this but it’s time to take it seriously. (And still have fun with it)


Here are a  few things you can do to make sure the Yo-Yo life doesn’t happen to you: 


1 Be specific about what you want to do; the more specific you are with yourself, the better. Some good starting points are building muscle, losing fat, losing weight, or building stamina. But break it down more if you can. 


2 Monitor the methods you take that result in your progress or lack thereof. The more consistent you are, the better you’ll be able to adjust.  If you bounce around from A to Z back to C, you never know what works or doesn’t because you’re trying everything at once. Pick one and stay there and build. 


3 Become a machine; build a routine within your life. Start with what’s the most manageable and convenient for you and expand. Create some minimums in your life like I’ll HAVE to get in the gym At LEAST 3 days a week or it’s an L”. Don’t waver and hold yourself accountable.


4 Don’t take yourself too serious in the beginning, you are still learning. You won’t be perfect, allow yourself a chance to still live. Especially when it comes to food, a cookie won’t hurt your progress. Same for the workouts, a missed day won’t kill your gains. Keep it real with yourself always.


5 Appreciate your progress. Measure it by more than one means: use new weights used, less time being spent, moving more fluid, inches on your waist, ENERGY, numbers on the scale, and so on.

People often just use one way to see if they’re on track but again, that’s how you lose. It’s so much more than weight loss. 


Keep these habits/strategies in mind when you begin your journey. You’re in this for life💪🏾


Commando out!


P.S. A Common Struggle Creates a Common Bond. Be Great This Week!



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